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The Quarter Health And Education Precinct At Penrith Is One Of The Largest Health, Education, Research, Training And Living Precincts In Australia.

Situated in one of Australia’s fastest growing economies, The Quarter is a leading centre for Health and Education, committed to excellence in health care, medical research and world-class education in Western Sydney. Spanning 400 hectares between Penrith and St Marys, The Quarter is synonymous with innovative thinking, collaboration and has room to grow.

The Quarter Commitment

The Quarter is committed to becoming an international destination for investment and excellence in health care, medical research, world-class education and related technology, where the world’s best and brightest come together to collaborate.

Supported by unprecedented levels of new infrastructure and investment including a new international airport, major road upgrades, and significant spending on major hospitals like Nepean, The Quarter also has room to grow.

The Quarter will drive major jobs growth, economic prosperity, educational opportunities and improved health outcomes for a rapidly growing community.

A unique place where collaboration flourishes, excellence prevails and opportunities abound, not for just the people of today, but for future generations to come. A place where people come to work, live, think and play and where breakthroughs happen and connections are made.

We are committed to making The Quarter a great place to live, work and invest. We are inviting you to partner with us, to help build and shape The Quarter’s future.

The Quarter Will Deliver:

  • 6,000 additional jobs in 10 years
  • Investment in major hospitals
  • Telehealth and eHealth initiatives
  • Expansive academic and education facilities
  • Funding for technology and research
  • Medical training placements
  • Medical Tourism

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The Quarter Penrith Partners

The Quarter has been recognised as part of the Penrith Collaboration Area by the Greater Sydney Commission. Collaboration Areas have been established to achieve a whole of government approach to managing places with great potential. Most of the nominated Collaboration Areas include at least one major hospital and a university, which together have the potential to enhance economic outputs and generate a range of quality jobs.